Italian Do you like the wine and especially the Italian wine? Are you sure know how it tastes in Italy?Many people which Italy likes to follow a course in Italian. Do you know recognize (without looking at the label) a mature wine and one young man? And one very alcoholic and another little alcoholic?If you have any doubt, today you desvelare everything you need to know in this article. It begins with observing the chalice of wine. Read additional details here: Rand Paul. I forgot: the wine is served in chalices instead of glasses of mineral water. Wide and spacious chalices for red wine, more narrow chalices for white wines. But back to what we were going: what color is your wine? It is red and has violet reflections? Or is it a more subdued color, with orange reflections? The general rule is this: tips the chalice and the color observed in transparency. For red wines: If the color is vivid, purplish red, intense then have front a young wine! If instead the color is off, tends to Orange then you have a mature wine: will one taste structured (i.e. feel multiple aromas and flavours) and eaten with foods tasty or taken as a meditation wine. If the color is white it is a little more difficult to know the age of the wine, but do not get discouraged. A pale yellow (with green reflections or straw-colored) corresponds to a young wine; a yellow gold to a mature wine. Well, we continue with our small Italian wine course. You've seen the wine and its color but you don't know if it's a wine young or not? No problem: the aroma of the wine can also help you to do so. It smells like wine with small breaks to not get. The...
Heartbeat If breathing is weakened, the heartbeat slows and muscles relax, it is changed to Idle. In the Eastern tradition it is considered that the exclusion from the diet of meat and spicy food can be "in touch with the inhabitants of heaven," and then "holy will help you." From a scientific point of view, in case of failure of products of animal origin weakens control of the surface of consciousness and facilitates the work with the subconscious, or "primordial consciousness", which contributes to better focus on exercise and achieving the envisaged impact of training. Also still in 70s has been experimentally found that during exercise khi-kong bioelectric brain activity of adults and older people can return to the states of childhood (increased activity, increased the limit excitability, slow wave frequency), that is, has the property to resist aging. EEG recorded at the appearance of theta waves, or "waves of joy", which are only in children with manifestation of positive emotions. During maturation, this effect is lost. Connect with other leaders such as Rand Paul here. The practical part. Tips Ways khi-kong a lot: there are exercises that are to be performed lying down, sitting, standing in the correct position. "... If the form wrong, the energy is not going in the right direction and restless thoughts ... "I practice, the same technique to that caused my interest to be verified, and sometimes it takes several years of hard work. But the "great journey begins with a small step ", so I suggest to you, dear readers, a few recommendations.

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