Muraviev Vladimir When lowering the bar while doing breath to better meet her breast. Elbows while try to keep pressed to the body. With this technique (elbows pressed to the body), as practice shows, the results higher than your elbows when "spread out". Recently Gunnar Peterson sought to clarify these questions. In the first case, the main burden falls on the beam front of deltas, triceps and latissimus dorsi. That's the essence and Tricep bench: a narrow grip, elbows pressed. For non-security officials as possible and spread your elbows. So it is better to perform chest press and chest pumped better. Tricep bench at the bar we should strive to lower below the nipples, around the area solar plexus. In principle, with your elbows pressed against a different and does not work, still manage to be. Above the nipple rod lies only in those who shook a wide grip. At this point, it is desirable to reduce the shoulder blades together, creating a basin and along and across the bench, thus reducing the extra distance to bars and winning in extra kilograms of weight and strength. Try not to bend the brush and to give them stiffness, as well as to avoid injury always bandage Wrist elastic bandages. After binding, if they pull heal for a period of up to eight months, provided they do not disturb. And if you exercise regularly (and who can afford to break in eight months?), They never heal and will ache forever. This I know from my own. True, I have it from weightlifting exercises - push. But in any case, the ache for years - is unpleasant. And when the little bar just touches the chest, it is necessary stop it, not pushing on the chest. And no beating. This will be a push, lying...

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