Lesley Hornby Its first collection was a total success, forcing it to increase it its production imediamente. With forms simple straight lines, slightly bojadas and tubular lines, it placed the waists for low, it used horizontal bands and triangular clippings of folds in the line of the case to allow the movement; it kept the accessories in minimum level e, significantly diminished skirts. Quant made amused clothes, searched sources of uncommon inspirations it retrabalhava and them in a series of fast appearances. It liked innovative materials as the PVC, used in the confection of rain layers in shining colors, uniforms of gymnastics with minissaias and the humble standard of tric received impulse when creating a series of minidresses. The young of the explosion postwar period in U.S.A. was arriving at the adult age and its desire for showy and fancy fashions also was satisfied for butiques that the cities had appeared in all. The exibicionistas yearnings were satisfied for dresses of transparent plastic, clothes of paper, suits of silver-plated motorcyclists and clothes fluorine for the discotecas. The face of the time was of Lesley Hornby, the Twiggy, that accurately combined with the clothes of the style ' ' mod' ' , with its adolescent body, combed hair of side as of a boy, taking it the heading of ' ' The face of ano' ' , in 1966. The weighed black maquiagem was prerequisite of the sessentista fashion, creating contrast with skin and clearer mouths. Also, if it introduced the detachable eyelash use, in long straps that could be cut to adapt it the eyes of the customer. The geometric forms had not been only restricted to the clothes. Mary Quant innovated when cutting its hair with Vidal Sasoon, the badalado hairdresser of the time that revolutionized the hairdo of the young...

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