Finally Pregnant Finally get pregnant: find 12 powerful tips, as well as a mysterious strategy, to be finally pregnant. \"I want to be finally pregnant, what are we doing wrong the?\" Not a few women ask these desperate themselves. Although there is no lack of concentrated together horizontally, Jinx seems to be. After the pregnancy test it is every time the same disenchantment. In order to finally pregnant, you should contact never under pressure. Pressure and tension is absolutely counterproductive. So bury your head in the sand and deal with your partner with the topic. But what if your desire to be, finally pregnant was within a very short time - can be in a completely natural way? The obligation to first and then the routine: Check first if you know these tips and apply already: you spend much time together. Chances in women are particularly on certain days. On these days, couples should find and lots of time with each other spend to make the dream come true. Consult your dentist. First tooth decay bacteria can spread also to the teeth of babies and secondly because amalgam fillings may be responsible for a rarer ovulation. Inform your gynaecologist about the planned pregnancy so folic acid and vitamins can be prescribed. Health officials recommend folic acid per day taking preparations with a dose of 400 g, ideally 3 months prior to conception. Avoid absolutely physical and mental stress. Under certain circumstances, her body responded with reduced fertility. Let investigate on sexually transmitted diseases. Many diseases greatly restrict fertility or may harm the unborn. Exercise you and your partner. Regular sports brings the circulation and reduces stress. Stress can significantly restrict the fertility for both sexes. You should have neither too rare nor too often sex during the fertile days. Too little sex...

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