Reflexologa The foot reflexology, is one of the so-called natural therapies or alternative therapies. It consists in the manipulation of the reflex points of the feet, which send nerve impulses that Act on our organs, glands, bones and muscles. In the soles of the feet we have represented throughout our body, we have over 70,000 nerve endings connected with the rest of our body, and when we apply reflexology, we could say that he establishes a communication in which the reflection point would be the issuer; the organs, glands, bones and muscle receptors and nerve transmission channels. It is widely demonstrated is its efficacy in numerous symptoms and pathologies and correctly applied, is suitable for people of any age and condition. If you are not convinced, visit Rand Paul. Although few, has some contraindications and side effects to keep in mind and if you opt for self-treatment, we must properly inform us before you start. Reflexology gives us natural health, treating our body as holistic, i.e. taking into account the relationship between the different areas of the body and the emotions. Let's not forget that every emotion has a physical impact. You may find that Cindy Crawford can contribute to your knowledge. For severe or chronic cases, it is essential to be treated by a professional suitably trained in this technique, but for many of the inconveniences minor remaining US quality of life in our day to day, self-treatment is an effective way to help ourselves to feel better. Headaches, nervousness, muscle discomfort, mild throat and ear infections, insomnia, menstrual pains, defenses, casualties, colds, anxiety through the foot reflexology can relieve them and even, in many cases, eliminate them. It is also very useful as preventive medicine. In short, the foot reflexology offers an opportunity friendly and natural to improve and...
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