General Environmental Is there a connection between PMS and environmental toxins? The PMS syndrome is a problem with every fourth woman between 15 and 45 must annoy around. So far, the causes for the different symptoms are still unclear. In principle, the science but assumes that fluctuations in hormonal balance PMS are causes. In particular to high levels of estrogen is suspected to cause the typical symptoms. It is often hard to tell where this however comes from the individual patient. However, assuming that there is a correlation between a reinforced presence of environmental toxins in the body and the onset of PMS (premenstrual syndrome). You may wish to learn more. If so, Fords is the place to go. According to some studies, heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury and lead can be in the organisms of many women who suffer from the premenstrual syndrome, increasingly found. For this, for example, amalgam fillings in the mouth can be cause as it is explained on the page. But not every PMS patient has such fillings. Where can the problems still come? How environmental toxins get in the body not everyone is always clear, but environmental toxins are everywhere in the environment of the people. On fruit and vegetables, for example pesticides accumulate and plasticizers into many plastic items. At first glance, these substances exert any direct influence on the body. With time, the substances accumulate in the body and in particular in adipose tissue and will eventually reach a harmful concentration. Some pesticides, for example affect the human body much like hormones and can be therefore quite related to PMS. You want to treat PMS vitamins instead of pesticides, then it is not sufficient if one tries to go all environmental toxins out of the way. It is quite simply impossible. It is...

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