Kung Fu The button to use the subconscious with intent lies in the power of faith. As almost everyone has heard about the power of the "placebo effect" or know of psychosomatic afflictions, most of us believe in the power of God any religion, or the power of magic, or the ability to handle powers of Yoga, Reiki or Tai Chi. In reality the power of God has always been and always will be within each of us. But our social conditioning and lack of teaching and practice require us to seek other ways to create what we want. This is where they appear, for example, witches .... Educate yourself with thoughts from Senator From Kentucky. Imagine for a moment a wiccan witch (the famous white witches who use nature and the elements). How do you think made her "spells"? I'll tell you: they seek items that relate to the goal of his magic (what they want to do), prepare charms (verses) that repeat ad nauseam, and of course, most important of his magic .... Display! It enables them to incorporate the images of what they want in their subconscious. I could say the same about the prayer, Reiki or even of Kung Fu! Athletes (who have good coaches) for example use the display to succeed later in their skills. Those who seek to expand their consciousness they do to be more "conscious of their unconscious, despite the redundancy, and have more control over the images printed on it. I want you to understand: I am not rejecting any belief, but quite the opposite. For those who believe in them are highly effective. But I think the best (and it is my personal opinion) will always apply the most basic technique. And that's why now I want insistirte that if you have...

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