Mercedes Benz Therefore, diesel engines have low power and volume, a maximum turnover does not exceed 4,5-5 thousand a minute. On the threshold of 21 century for diesels in earnest to establish the European car manufacturers. In many ways, promoting the scheme and changing the image of diesel cars is similar to the advertising company of hybrids from "Toyota". In each car, "Mercedes Benz", "Volkswagen", "Audi, Peugeot and others had room for diesel engine. Get more background information with materials from Cindy Crawford. Auto giants with one voice began to claim the benefits of compression ignition. And that these statements accompanied by serious arguments. Somewhere deep inside corporations spent huge funds on improving the performance of diesel engines: increased efficiency, power efficiency. Audi took and won the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans on its R10 diesel bolide as much several times in a row (in the latter, the machines were sold to private teams, a Peugeot also exposed the factory team at the wheel of diesel monsters of its own design). Speaking of auto-sport as a great way to advertise their products, I can only note that over the past nearly one hundred years, nothing has changed. Do you want to your car conspiracy? - Win the race! "Volkswagen has become a smash diesel engines in the" hot "versions of their cars just not under his own label (Folvagen Golf as Ji-Tu-I and P32 remained gasoline), a named other brands owned by the company (Skoda, for example). Of course, such a policy leading manufacturers strongly contributed to increasing sales of diesel versions.

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