The Dark I doubt who age, premessenger! I find reasons to believe that everything is a vertigo of my nerves, so settled in the sounds of this proper night of that they want to float above of the human roofs. Streets that already had been. Gravels buried on asphalt. Saudosas dawns of my land, gone and comings, in the constant to go up and to go down of mounts. It wanted not to feel night falling in my tempering soul of doubts. They believe, I am lost in my presences! A thousand needles sharpen my sensitivity petrified for the daily logic of the motor reasons. It is the climax! As a carousel of colors and sounds, they burglarize me the retinas, they force me the spandrels, in the dark silence of this rainy night of an obliging monday. The epilogue of this frenesi static finishes in one morning lost in a small square, where divided a white church. I am behind the parochial house. I see gram, I see flowers. Way in Portuguese floor. The sun is warm. It is not more than nine hours. I do not have more than nine years. It confirms my shade, reflected in the rocks that populate the ways between the yellow and green seedbeds, sprinkled of great trees of yesterday, that I print a full smile of pleasure. For everything what I age and everything it encircled what me. Now I see, what it did not see. When tumbling fronte on the pillow of the agony, I remember the tuesday, that soon more arrives. In orvalhar of the dawn, awaken. Eye for the white wall of my dark room. I perceive myself as I am. I feel homesicknesses of me and all those colorful faces that felt. The child that already is one day inhabits...
Diet During Pregnancy Healthy eating during pregnancy is important not only for the developing fetus, but also for your health. Dieting during pregnancy is the most sensible way to ensure normal growth and your child's development, as well as vzmozhnostyu keep yourself in great shape on to easily move all the burdens of pregnancy. Many women think this time they details please 'eat for two' and allow yourself too much every time meal. Learn more about this topic with the insights from celebrity trainer. In fact, the expectant mother is required only an additional 300 calories for normal development of pregnancy. And rchen important to get those 300 calories by typing in your diet those foods that are most good for you and your baby. Despite the fact that everyone has their own ideas about healthy foods, there are several generally accepted principles of healthy eating: from 6 to 11 pieces hlebaot 2 to 4 of 4 fruits and more than 4 servings of vegetables which some dairy products 3 products that are rich in proteins, In addition, all women need to take vitamins in addition to healthy eating. Here, Cindy Crawford expresses very clear opinions on the subject. But not all vitamins are created equally, so should consult with your doctor to decide which ones are right for you. Most doctors recommend that you begin to drink vitamins already when you just think to get pregnant. Studies have shown that increasing folic acid in your diet before conception to prevent neural tube defects such as spina bifida. Vitamins are an important part of the diet during pregnancy, but there are many other ways to get the nutrients that a child needs so much.

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