Vyacheslav Kravchenko According to him, in 2008, will increase the competitiveness of coal as a fuel for coal-based electricity. "If you exceed the price of gas to 1.3 times the point of fracture occurs when the coal becomes more attractive fuel. We believe that this will come as early as next year "- said the manager. As recalled by Mr. , in the fuel mix power increase in the share of coal power by 2020 is expected from 25 to 38% growth in consumption - from 130 to 289 million tons of coal. Driver of price hikes for electricity and serve as a new environmental requirements, which compel generating companies to introduce other technologies to reduce harmful emissions. Experts do not agree with only energy, but also think their forecasts are too conservative. Director of the Department of Structural and Tariff Policy Natural Monopolies, Ministry of Industry, Vyacheslav , speaking at an energy forum "Energy of Russia in xxi century", noted that the change in the cost of electricity in different price zones will be roughly equal. In particularly in the Northwest region price of 1 kWh will increase from 3.36 to 07.08 cents, in the Central region - from 3.8 to 8.7 cents, in the Urals - with 2,8 to 6,5-7 cents In the Far East - from 5,2 to 7,5 cents. Such a change in the cost of electricity is taken into account in General Development Strategy to 2020, currently under development Ministry of Industry. According to a senior analyst at Alfa Bank Alexander Kornilov, a threefold increase in prices in 2020 looks quite realistic.
Saunas Novosibirsk And after the bath is waiting for many additional services. Enough to deploy the publication, which contains the bath Novosibirsk and find the you start from the specifics placed in the directory of organizations and the level of prices that may differ greatly. At one point, visiting Novosibirsk baths will cost you a cheap, but elsewhere there will need to seriously fork. You should look at we have constructed baths Novosibirsk - took one look at the photos and videos on our site, and it becomes evident that the best option you can not find. Saunas in Novosibirsk - a once national Finnish saunas, now they are popular is absolutely all over the world. From the viewpoint of Finnish sauna - the notion of sacred space where peace is kept, there should not sort things out and raise your voice. Today necessary bath accessories are available asbolyutno in every home, especially in such big cities as Novosibirsk, so why should the modern man needs some other bath or a sauna? But not in a vacuum formed so reverent attitude to the sauna, it's no longer a simple place where everyone has an opportunity to clean up, wash off the dirt, long ago discovered the positive effects provided by her well-being. For example, Novosibirsk sauna has a positive effect on the status of the central nervous system. It must be noted that somewhere seventy percent of people visiting the sauna in Novosibirsk for psychological relaxation and unloading, and must be say that they perform this difficult task on a hundred, easily eliminating the stress, resulting in a person back to normal. Saunas Novosibirsk improve the condition in neurotic symptoms and constant anxiety, some missing cranial pain and appears normal sleep, the heat stimulates the secretion of adrenaline. Russian sauna - for...

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