Nurses However, she is necessary to remember that the nurse it can suffer alterations in its mood and its which had daily life to the envolvement that finishes having with the patient. To be considerate in its relationship, adds factors as afabilidade, for example, what it becomes it each achegado time the patient. In case that this patient if does not recoup and arrives the death, the nurse feels itself, in many cases, impotent Gonza'les (1999). This impotence ahead of the suffering or the death of the patient causes a series of emotional factors take that it to stress. Hear other arguments on the topic with Dr. Gerard Addonizio. LABOR RELATION ENFERMEIRO-PACIENTE AND STRESS THERAPEUTICAL COMMUNICATION Bertone, Ribeiro and Guimares (2007) affirms that the communication if of the one in the process of the relationship enters the people allowing itself a bigger knowledge in what it refers to the feelings, emotions and opinions on the other, making with that if it perceives that the interaction is the base of this process. Lucena and Ges (1999, in Bertone, Ribeiro and Guimares, 2007) affirm that the communication in the area of the health is a strategy of constant use in the daily one of the nurse. paper of the nurse next to the patient is of cuidadora origin, that is, it was born of the necessity of if having people who took care of of sick people with affection and attention. Abro (2008, in Of Lorenzo, 2008) affirms that the nurse is not helping of the doctor, but, one complements the other, the doctor if worries in diagnosising and treating the illness whereas, the nurse takes care of of the patient, its comfort and its whitewashing. The nurse profession appeared with the voluntariado one of women in the wars, as well as Anna...

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