Malnutrition We find, in this workmanship, balance that the colonial world if legitimizes through the constitution of the patriarcal family, in view of whom this institution was the one that more helped in the settling, possessing the paper of ' ' base social' ' , therefore everything turns in its entorno: constitution of a productive unit, purchase of slaves, oxen and tools. In this manner it is, basically, it who said the rules in Brazil colony, a period, the conception of Gilbert Freyre, with strong patriarcais feies, escravistas and aristocratic. Credit: Herbalife-2011. In Great House, I emphasize the notes in relation to the sugar cane-of-sugar plantation, the food lack and the problem of nutrition. Check out Vahid David Delrahim for additional information. This malnutrition produced weak and deficient a population and the food lack detected, if it justifies for the extensive plantation of sugar cane-of-sugar. Thus, we consign a critical a nutrition of the Brazilian colonial family, of the devices and the cities and its me the quality is linked in the protein poverty of animal origin and in vitamin lack. This situation comes of the greed of the cultivation that hindered the development of other plantations as cassava for the production of flour and vegetables, beyond hindering the creation of gados and other animals. Valley to stand out that an exception of this model was of the So Paulo plateaus that if characterized for a considerable creation of bovines. The debate of ' ' questions of raas' ' caused for the miscegenation, also, she is one of the legacies for the historiografia contemporary who the author left in them. Of this form, in a general way, I tried to display a historical, cultural and economic survey of the colonial period, to the eyes of Freyre, that understands the construction of...

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