Alcoholic Life Alcohol history of our country began with the moment when people began to make alcohol drinks. And from that moment began the main problems, alcohol dependence, those people are drinking these drinks. You can not admit that the history of drinking in Russia is not similar from different countries, is nevertheless a strange unknown circumstances alcohol is instilled in us since the time of the Soviet Union. Just remember after more than one movie can not do without the scene drinking alcoholic beverages. Next in nineteen ninety-first year, the country was simply forbidden to drink. But what is forbidden, then it is most desirable. Forbid something to people, and people will seek of any accessible and inaccessible methods. And so the Russians did. While the percentage of people who use increased almost 3-fold. Alcoholic drinks (vodka, brandy and various liqueurs) made in virtually every family and in each family were alcoholics. In most manifestations of alcoholism in the family were men and women suffered greatly from this, because my husband when he was drunk became frenzied and often battered woman. And there were other cases when Family relationships were women, but such cases are much smaller. Drugs to combat addiction emerged when the need arose, ie, almost immediately as there were alcoholics. These are the people tools, coding, use of special drugs, etc. But people have used once for alcohol become very dependent on the green potion, they can not live without the booze and day. Though some all the time and pulls Saughton '. This is true, since the force field for people in marriage one thing in common, a man and woman 2 halves of one undivided half, and cut off 1 leads to the deterioration of the indivisible. For example, if a man is drunk, the aura...
Soup Thermos But for the light weight is necessary to offer lower retention time of heat Soup Thermos. Differs from the food that the ego structure does not provide containers, as expected flood liquid soup into the main tank. The main condition - the wide neck and the material from which made Thermos - Stainless stal.Termos-only pitcher. It's a thermos for 'stationary' use, meaning it is not intended for long-term carrying. Often, these flasks can be seen in hotels, restaurants with buffet. Thermos jug-necessarily comfortable handle and spout for pouring liquid into a glass Termokruzhka. Formally, this is also a thermos, although it has another Thomas. So in its present double-wall construction, the cover with silicone gaskets. Termokruzhki can be both hands, and without them. Typically, the amount of termokruzhki is 300 to 500 ml. Termokruzhki became popular in the Lately, especially for those people who move often and at work. Often termokruzhki supplied sieve for brewing tea, but the most important condition for good termokruzhki - damper mechanism on the lid, which allows you to drink without opening the lid entirely, which, in turn, makes the cold air get into the tank. Flask made of glass or steel? Over time, the glass flasks are gradually fading. They are inferior to steel sleeve for several reasons, although it is believed that glass retains heat better. But the principle of retaining heat in a thermos is no longer dependent on the material of the bulb, and from the vacuum flask and the distance between the outer walls of the thermos.

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