Organ Transplant Medicine In Peru The History of Mankind mentioned Transplants from the Miracles of St. Paul (when Breast implants, previously cut off by a Roman Centurion to Santa Angela) and San Cosme and San Damian (twins doctors to implant the leg of a patient with cancer the same, with another from a deceased Ethiopian hours before Modern History begins in April 1954, when Boston (USA) performed the first transplant of a kidney, the surgical technique remains complex, but the experience of Surgeons has Rich, hospitals have the necessary infrastructure to ensure its success, Pharmacology drug has to ensure the success of the implant and avoid fatal acute or chronic rejection, philosophy and ethics are not the object. PERUVIAN REALITY timing of transplantation in Peru began in August 1969 when Dr. Raul Romero Torres, performed the first kidney transplant, then in May 1972 made the Heart, in November 1974 Marrow Marrow, corneas in 1978 and in May of 2000, the Liver conducted by Dr. Healthy Living gathered all the information. Jose Carlos Espinoza Luis Chaman Tudelano patient afflicted with Cirrhosis of Laennenec, these operations are performed primarily in Lima and some in Provinces, Peru specifically It's health was the leading institution within the institutions of social security for South and Central America. Today's disgraceful deal last among Transplantation statistics in the World, although we have patients who crowd the waiting lists for transplants, although we have highly trained medical equipments to conduct successful operations, although is health as an institution is prepared to perform these operations. CAUSES 1 .- There is a lack of information to the public, the Company is misinformed on this issue, there are myths, beliefs, mistrust around this Culture of Grant, so much so that in Peru there ... .
Anemia Iron Disease anemia can burden the cool your life. The disease manifests itself in the event that decreases the number of hemoglobin in red blood cells or diminish the sheer number of cells in the blood is not saturated by the end oxygen. Gaining oxygen starvation of the organism, tissue pathological changes occur. Medicine gives a lot of circumstances 'birth' of anemia (anemia). The first fact of malnutrition or anemia, poor food when the food consumed foods with a low content of mineral and nutrients. Is not it, in today's world, these products are very frequent. The low number of red blood cells or small hemoglobin suggests a weak supply of organs and tissues of oxygen eventually deteriorates performance, appears weakness, shortness of breath. Every day the human body builds a large number of new red blood blood during menstruation. Doctors often prescribe iron supplements in pharmaceutical dosage forms. Iron - is necessary component of hemoglobin. Only excessive iron can cause damage to the body, as a consequence of this before use supplements with iron, is to make sure that the cause of anemia is a deficiency of this element. The amount and time of supplementation depends on the severity of anemia. Today, medicine is well known vitamins and herbs that help the body to take iron. Most recommend vitamin B12 and folic acid. These vitamins help the body create red blood cells. Doctors, in turn, pay attention the importance of vitamin C, which improves the absorption of iron. Lack of this vitamin can lead to anemia. Iron deficiency is an important problem food. To prevent anemia our meal should be perfectly balanced. We are obliged to consume the food the optimal number of proteins, as well as products that contain iron in considerable quantities. This is primarily beef. Iron contained...

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